When your two-year-old reads, it freaks you out.

July 19th, 2011

Miss Mouse loves to read.  It’s her favorite activity, second only to looking at family photos.  More and more, she likes to read to herself.  She sits on the floor, book open in front of her, chattering away happily.  She periodically holds the book up so that her audience (be it brother or baby doll) can appreciate the pictures.

She’s heard some of the stories so many times that she’s started to memorize passages.  It makes you do a double-take to hear her reading — and getting it right.

But that’s just a two-year-old with a good memory and a penchant for repetition.  No, what truly made my head spin yesterday was this.  We were thumbing through her current favorite book, a silly compendium of songs by Sandra Boynton called “Dog Train”.  One song is about a temper tantrum and the whole page is covered by brightly colored “NO”s.

Miss Mouse carefully pointed to the letters and said — “N. O. spells NO!


One response to “When your two-year-old reads, it freaks you out.”

  1. G'Mom says:

    Umm – that's my fault. Several times when I read that one to her, I said that N O spells no. And she obviously remembered, clever girl that she is.

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