Babe in the Woods

August 13th, 2011

It’s a sad fact that most children spend exponentially more time indoors staring at screens than they do romping outside.  This is unfortunate for all the obvious reasons (childhood obesity, stunted brain development, commercialization of childhood, and on and on) but there’s also another piece to the puzzle:

Kids, when given the opportunity to experience it, love the great outdoors.

I’m pretty sure my daughter isn’t the only child who goes somewhat berserk at the chance to play outside.  This weekend, we did a quick outdoor adventure blitz by spending the night in the Allegheny National Forest at Josh’s family’s hunting camp.

Miss Mouse was nearly beside herself with joy.  I spotted her this morning running laps around the property, much like a puppy let off its leash in a farm field.  So many things to see!  And do!  And get dirty with!  Look, mom — a bug.  A stick.  A rock.  A fish.  Watch me, look at me, come see this.

Highlights of the day for the toddler included trying out her brand new, first-ever fishing pole with Grandpa…

Throwing things into the crick…

Good luck catching that fish, Grandpa!

Hiking with Grandma…

Note the rock star sunglasses.

And climbing on big rocks…

My rock climbing was somewhat inhibited by the twenty pounds of precious cargo I was packing on my back (and the fact that I’m a weenie), but Buggie and I managed to get in on the action on a smaller scale.

Please don’t look at my socks.  Thank you.

It was everything I want for my children: fresh air, activity, and family.

2 responses to “Babe in the Woods”

  1. G'Mom says:

    Look at Miss Mouse! A real pony tail – at last! Did you have to wrassle with her?

  2. Kate says:

    Nope! Such is the pleasure of having two beloved aunts around – both of whom were sporting pony tails. Mousie naturally wanted one too!

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