Baby-Led Solids, Four Months In

August 1st, 2011

My son’s ten-month birthday reminds me that we are four months into our baby-led solids adventure.  It seemed like the right time for an update.  Unless something weird happens, we’re poised to have weaned two kids without resorting to jarred baby food at all.  I won’t lie — that knowledge makes me happy.

Buggie continues to eat with gusto.  Seriously, that kid will eat (or at least try) anything.  Indian butter chicken?  Sure.  Venison stroganoff with noodles?  Why not?  Vegetable couscous? Bring it on.  This amazing culinary adventurousness is all the more striking for its marked absence in Buggie’s big sister.  Look, I know you’re not supposed to compare your kids…

…but if Miss Mouse had her way, she’s subsist entirely on a diet of yogurt and goldfish crackers.  No lie.  Oh, she tries everything.  That’s the rule in our house.  She eats her requisite one bite of each thing on her plate, and then consumes half a cantaloupe.  Eh, could be worse.

One interesting development in Buggie’s food habits is that, the older he gets, the more I find myself feeding him.  Ironic?  Sometimes it’s because the food really doesn’t work for infant self-feeding (like yogurt or applesauce).  And sometimes it’s because it’s something he really really loves and he just can’t keep up on his own.  Can he feed himself macaroni and cheese? Sure.  He grabs big handfuls, mashes them onto his face, and catches some in his mouth.  But he gets a lot more in if I feed him bites off my fork.

Usually, we do a combo.  He has an array of food on his tray, and also eats off my plate/fork in between bouts of enthusiastic self-feeding.

A final observation: my second-born is a bottomless pit.  Seriously, that kid can eat an unbelievable amount.  The other day, we killed a box of mac and cheese together and I honestly couldn’t say who ate more.  Most nights, I have to cut him off.  He eats and eats and eats until everyone else at the table is done…and then I just stop feeding him.  I’ll be very curious to see what the little butterball weighs at his one-year checkup!

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  1. Isa says:

    I have some ominous news in that I have heard that at some point ALL kids start wanting to only eat bland food, no matter how into escargot they were as babies. I don't know if that will be a comfort or not (since it means Mousie will probably grow out of it and right back into the curried lap of luxury that surrounds her). I was going to ask how you get by without worrying that Buggie might choke on something–only pieces that are way too big or too small? Seeing how much less work you are having to do to feed him than you spent on Mouse (in terms of prep) is really winning me over on this one.

  2. Kate says:

    Isa – I did worry at first, but honesty he handles it fine. It's important to not feed too much off a fork in the early days. When he was first starting, he picked up everything. And, developmentally, if he has the motor skills to get it to his mouth, he's also developed the chewing skills to not choke on it. One of those amazing evolutionary things that make you go — "wow."

    I do NOT want to hear that my little man will someday reject butter chicken in favor of goldfish crackers. No no no!

  3. Isa says:

    my god, woman. Have you HAD goldfish crackers lately? There's a reason that 'crack' is in the name. I accidentally bought some (well, on purpose because I was supposed to be having salty snacks!) and I seem to get through about a bag every other day. I loves me some butter chicken, but goldfish. Oh, goldfish! Also, I'll try to get my friend to send me her recipe for them (we made starfish ones). They're even more cheesy and you can add garlic for a more adult version that is really, really addictive…

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