August 22nd, 2011

Our trip to Idlewild this weekend was promoted from great to awesome by a friend of mine who graciously offered us the use of their family’s cabin, conveniently located ten minutes from the park (which is itself almost 2 hours from our house).  While considerably less rugged than the Camp we were at last weekend, the cabin was a change of pace and the kids had a ball.

Connect4 kept her busy for hours.  
Buggie’s favorite activity was being bathed in the kitchen sink, while the highlight of Miss Mouse’s stay was “creek-walking.”  There was a lovely little stream running right by the cabin, so we spent one morning stomping and splashing through shockingly frigid water.  Really, really cold water.  My feet went numb pretty much instantly.  

My daughter didn’t seem to notice. She’s weird like that.

You might think that when her pants got wet, she’d turn back.  But you’d be wrong.  She simply took them off and kept right on going.  What can I say?  Kids like nature.

2 responses to “Creek-walking”

  1. isa says:

    Hey, if you ever want to revisit your honeymoon with the younguns in tow, just let me know! I've been having vermont fantasies lately–maybe we could even go together one of these summers and introduce the kiddoes to the wonders of the maple syrup bar…

  2. Kate says:

    Yes yes yes! A Vermont trip with kiddos should definitely be part of our future.

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