Do It Anyways

August 14th, 2011

We spent the night on Friday at what is affectionately known in my husband’s family as Camp.  It’s a piece of property up in the Allegheny National Forest that has been used for decades as a huntin’ camp.  (Note that there is no “g.”  G’s do not exist in that part of the world.)

We knew we wanted to spend Saturday stomping about with family, but there was some debate about whether to drive up Friday and spend the night, or do the whole up-and-back trip in one day.  Camp is…well…rustic.  I made the mistake of referring to it as a “cabin” in the early days of my marriage and they’ve never let me forget it.

Camp is a small, two-bedroom trailer.  With no indoor plumbing or running water.  There is electricity, a small favor for which I am thankful.  Yup, rustic.

Thus we went back and forth about spending the night with our kiddos.  Did we really want to pack all eight of us (Josh, his mom, his dad, two sisters, Buggie, Mouse, and me) into that wee tiny dwelling?  Would the kids sleep at all?  Would Miss Mouse venture near the outhouse?  Would it be a total disaster?

Ultimately, I channeled two dear friends who have been camping with their three-year-old daughter since birth.  Their motto: do it anyways.  Will it be chaos?  Yes.  Will bedtimes be abandoned and tantrums thrown?  Sure.  But do it anyways, because the memories are worth it.

They were absolutely right.

Grandpa and Grandma slept in a tent on the lawn.  The remaining six of us wedged into the trailer.  The kids stayed up way too late and woke up way too early.  Miss Mouse spent two solid days in the same grungy outfit, smeared ‘smores in her hair, and didn’t get anywhere near a toothbrush (in fact, we forgot it at home).  And it was totally worth it.

PS — We brought Miss Mouse’s wee plastic potty along and that was also totally worth it.  Ain’t no way my fastidious child was going to be doing her business in that outhouse.  No way, no how, nuh uh.

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  1. G'Mom says:

    This is very much like Karol's Constant – don't let the threat of bad weather make you change your plans. Just do it. And you know – most of the time it works!

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