From Strangers to BFF in Five Seconds Flat

August 21st, 2011

This weekend was our first trip to Idlewild.  For those of you who grew up near me, think “Santa’s Village on Steroids.”  For those of you who didn’t, it’s an amusement park geared to little kids.  Mini roller coasters, train rides, carousels, etc.  It’s very much a Pittsburgh Thing, but we hadn’t gone yet because I didn’t want to shell out the (big) bucks before Miss Mouse was old enough to enjoy it.

But boy, did she enjoy it. 

See that girl she’s holding hands with?  Her name is Megan.  She’s four.  We don’t know her.

No, seriously.  Miss Mouse cheerfully offered to sit next to her on a ride and they promptly became best friends.  They marched around the park, hand in hand, and went on a bunch of rides together.  They rode the spinning teacups (alone – they wanted no part of any parents coming along) three times in a row.  Better them than me!

It was absolutely hysterical to watch.  Little Megan’s mom was flabergasted because apparently her offspring is incredibly shy and usually has no friends at all.  Which is all well and good, but when Miss Mouse decides to be your friend, you have very little say in the matter.  She can be intensely social when she wants to.  The BFF’s ended their day with big hugs and blown kisses.  I nearly died of cuteness overload.

Buggie had fun too, though was very disappointed to be excluded from the rides.  Well, except one…

2 responses to “From Strangers to BFF in Five Seconds Flat”

  1. Isa says:

    Aww..that's adorable! Do they live anywhere nearby to continue the friendship? Someone who's seen you on the teacups could be a friend for life…

  2. […] (The unfamiliar face in the picture is Jayden. ¬†As is frequently the case with Miss Mouse, she instantly befriended a complete stranger.) […]

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