Morning Snuggles

August 3rd, 2011

Mornings have really become a time of intense mother-daughter bonding in our house, one of the many (MANY) benefits of my new-and-improved-and-closer-to-home job.  Having traded my hour-long commute for a fifteen minute jaunt to work, our mornings have slowed down a bit.  Miss Mouse frequently joins me for some songs in the shower and has taken to demanding a morning snuggle in mommy’s bed.

Here’s how it works.  As soon as she wakes up (often, magically, just before my alarm goes off), she blasts out of her room like a small, tousle-headed freight train, throws open the door to our room, and cannonballs into our bed.  She burrows under the blankets, curls up in my arms, sighs, and goes limp.  We hang out like that for a few minutes, then drag ourselves out of bed for the day.  It’s as close to heaven as you’re like to get here below.

The one problem that arises is — what to do if she doesn’t wake up on her own?  Should I let her sleep a few extra minutes or wake her up to snuggle?  Sadly, this is most definitely a case of “damned if you do, damned if you don’t.”

A couple days ago, she wasn’t in my bed when the alarm went off, so I went in, gently woke her, and invited her to come snuggle.  Boy, was she surly.  Oh, she came all right, but she did not support my efforts to then get moving and dressed.  When I turned on the bedroom light, she provided definitive proof (should anyone be needing it) that she is her father’s daughter.  She threw the blanket over her head, uttered a series of guttural, feral, unintelligible grunts, then whined loudly “turn the light OFF.”  Yup, she’s daddy’s girl.

So today, I let her sleep.  Only to be on the receiving end of toddler wrath that she didn’t get to snuggle!

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