Oh, Baby — 18 Months Later

August 7th, 2011

About eighteen months ago, I was all in a dither over Miss Mouse’s first baby doll.  I wanted my girl to have the perfect doll to be her constant companion.  After a long hunt, I found an exquisite, eco-friendly doll.  Then, about a year after that, I searched high and low for another great baby doll to be Miss Mouse’s “big sister” present, even having special clothes made for it through Etsy.  Then I didn’t give it to Miss Mouse because it was too nice.

Yesterday, we got Buggie his first baby doll.  It came from Walmart and cost $4.  Look, life is different when you have two kids!

Moments later, that poor baby doll took a block to the head…

And, here’s an unexpected tidbit.  Josh picked out Buggie’s doll.  My husband is awesome like that.  On most fronts, he’s a man’s man.  He hunts, he fishes, he casually references obscure bits of sports lore.  But he also carefully selected a purple baby doll for his son.  I love that man.

Miss Mouse fell in love with Buggie’s doll’s pink-hued twin and — given the excellent price point — we let her bring it home.  The truth is, she was every bit as excited about that cheap doll as she was about the expensive, organic, super-green, dolls I’ve bought her in the past!

She’s in love.

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  1. Pomegranate says:

    Your husband does sound great. :)

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