Onward to Preschool, Tinkerbell!

August 29th, 2011

Miss Mouse started preschool today.  She’d been visiting for a few hours each day last week, but today was her first full day.  Was she excited?  You be the judge…

In fact, Miss Mouse spent all of last week in a near-delirium of preschool anticipation.  The big classroom with acres of new toys.  The new teachers to charm.  The exclusive access to the big kid playground.  Every morning last week, she inquired brightly — “Do I get to spend the whole day at preschool today?” — and was crestfallen when she learned that no, she only got to visit.

In honor of her big transition, I decided a present was in order.  Miss Mouse has recently developed a serious fondness for Tinkerbell.  I’m not quite sure how it happened, given that she’s never actually watched Peter Pan.  I believe the introduction came in the form of a pair of cheap sunglasses purchased for her by my dad.  It was love at first sight.  The glistening wings.  The blond pony tail.  The forest green leotard.  My girl instantly became chairwoman of the Tinkerbell Fan Club.

Thus my choice of a Tinkerbell backpack packed with a pose-able fairy action figure (with wings that flap!) was an obvious one.

Tinky was a big hit.  Miss Mouse slept with both doll and backpack last night and proudly toted both to school.  Tinkerbell sat by her at dinner.  And went down the slide in the yard.  And perched next to the bath tub (against Mousie’s strong desires to bring her into the bath).  And joined her in bed again tonight.  How anyone can sleep with pointy plastic wings in your face is beyond me, but they’re making it work.

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