The Family That Reads Together

August 16th, 2011

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: we’re readers in this family.  Josh consumes books with the insatiable hunger of a crack addict; Miss Mouse usually has at least one tome tucked into bed with her at night; and I am enjoying a steady diet of adoption-related literature.  Buggie prefers to chew on his books, but we’ve managed to establish a routine of stories before bed with him, too.

It’s only been recently, however, that I have managed to do any daytime reading.  The demands for my attention levied by my children are generally such that curling up with a good book isn’t an option.  Until now.

Miss Mouse is finally old enough to participate in family reading time — as in, when we all pile onto the couch to read our own books.

If Buggie is napping or already in bed, Josh and I will announce that it’s time to read, and grab our books.  Miss Mouse does likewise.  Despite occasional appearances to the contrary, she can’t actually read yet.  But she loves flipping through her books, mouthing the sections she knows by heart, and making up her own stories to fill in the gaps.  It’s deeply adorable.

It’s also fun to watch Miss Mouse start to interact with the printed page.  We were reading together the other night, when she glanced over at my book and announced — “Mommy, we both have T’s.”  And, sure enough, the enlarged first letter of both our chapters was a capital T.  Good eye, girl.

When we purchased our living room couch — a big honking sectional that is very cozy — in our pre-baby days, we envisioned just this scenario.  I can remember talking about how great it would be when our family spent time sprawled in the living room, reading our books.  That time is now.  And it is wonderful.

2 responses to “The Family That Reads Together”

  1. Pomegranate says:

    love this. hope to have it some day

  2. Kate says:

    Thanks, Pom. It's great! I'm really looking forward to reading her more grown-up stories out loud. I can remember my parents reading the Redwall series to me when I was little. Good times.

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