Three Pugnacious Pounds

August 26th, 2011

In discussing my weight loss journey, I’ve spoken mostly in abstracts, but let’s get specific.  I currently weigh 160 pounds.  Or is it 157?  Well, that depends on the week and the disposition of the three pugnacious pounds with whom I have been wrestling for the past month.

I lose them.  I gain them.  I manage to evade them.  They find me again and mock me.  It’s really rather frustrating. 

My goal weight is 150 pounds, seven (or is it ten?) pounds hence but I have definitely hit a plateau (or perhaps a brick wall).  I’m snacking again and am really struggling to control my munching.  On the plus side, I’ve been exercising.  I do my weekly zumba class and have managed to haul myself onto the elliptical machine three or four days a week as well.  It’s not all that fun, but it gets the sweat flowing so I figure it’s doing something.

At this point, the exercise is mostly just keeping those three pounds from bringing along any of their friends, since I’ve been inhaling more than my fair share of cookies of late. 

I’m trying to find motivation in a pair of denim capri pants which I nearly threw away two years ago, convinced I’d never be that size again, but which currently fit me quite nicely.  I can’t bear the thought of packing them away again.  One of us — the pants or I — would probably cry.  Perhaps both.  Thus, I shall conquer those three pounds and move on!

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