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September 17th, 2011

My son tried injera for the first time today.  Injera is a spongy, slightly sour pancake-like bread that features prominently in any Ethiopian meal.  Meals are served on a plate-sized piece of injera, with each dish splopped artfully onto a section of the bread.  It’s good stuff.  I love Ethiopian food.  Josh can’t stand it.  Miss Mouse wouldn’t consider trying it.

But Buggie?  Buggie will eat anything.

More, please!

 We spent the afternoon at a picnic organized by our local “families of adopted Ethiopian children” support group.  Pittsburgh actually has a thriving community of adoptive families and there were about 20 families there today, totaling more than 80 people.  It was catered by a local Ethiopian restaurant whose lovely (Ethiopian) owner is very active in the support group.

Though we aren’t yet a multicultural family, we were welcomed with open arms.  Our goal in attending was simple: begin introducing our children to the notion that not all families are comprised of white parents with white children who grew in their tummies.

Thus Buggie and Miss Mouse frolicked with a pack of newly-formed friends with big eyes, dark skin, and gorgeous names.

One thing that I enjoy about this group is that virtually all of the families contain a mix of birth and adopted children.  I think there was only one family in the whole bunch who didn’t also have biological children.

This was just a sampling.
Getting that many kids to sit still for a picture is tough!

It was affirming and reassuring to see other blended families thriving.  Healthy, happy, well-adjusted adopted children and their healthy, happy, adoring siblings.

In honor of the occasion — apparently — our approved home study arrived in the mail today.  Monday we’ll file our paperwork with the American government in step two of the three-step application process.  The third step is applying to the Ethiopian government.  Onward!

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