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September 2nd, 2011

Like pretty much every mother I know, I never really feel like there are enough hours in the day.  Life seems to flash by in a blur of diapers, computer screens, and Tinkerbell dolls.  I work.  I parent.  I cook.  I (sometimes) clean.  And you want me to exercise somewhere in there?  Surely you jest.

And yet, exercise really isn’t optional.  If I can’t keep moving, the Three Pugnacious Pounds will multiply.  I know they’re just waiting for the opportunity.  Plus, working out can be a great “me-time stress buster.” 

If you can find the time.

I’m trying to get better about working exercise into my daily life.  For example, yesterday I had a meeting downtown.  I could have driven.  But having once accidentally spent $25 to park for an hour and a half, I’m a bit leery of bringing my own wheels to the city center.  Nor did I relish the prospect of spending 45 minutes in rush hour traffic.

So I took the T (Pittsburgh’s light rail system) instead.  The added benefit to my waistline was that my stop was a good eight blocks from my meeting destination.  Do that hike twice and you’ve clocked about a mile and a half.  Not bad on a busy work day!

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