Job Satisfaction

September 15th, 2011

Tonight, my personal blog and my professional life coincide because what’s most on my mind is how much I love my job.  I switched jobs in June, taking a Community Relations/ Fundraising gig with a human services non-profit serving the area I live in.

It had been a long time since I woke up every morning eager to go to work.

These days, I’m planning a 5K charity walk, brainstorming content for an upcoming newsletter, working out an editorial calendar of program videos I want to make, scheduling lunches with donors, coordinating an emergency food drive for our Food Pantry, and learning how to use Twitter.

It’s awesome.

My favorite thing right now is Twitter.  I’m new to the Twitterverse, but I’m in love.  I like the fast pace, the funny one-liners, and finding new people to follow.  Today I connected with two different reporters via Twitter who will be covering my food drive.  (#Score.)*  And had lunch with a youth director at a big church who is going to help me plan a multi-youth-group food drive in the spring.  And enlisted three day care centers to do food drives.  And wrote a grant.

Yeah, it was a good day.

Also, I just checked my work email to send a few more messages.  I’m voluntarily working in the evening because I’m that jazzed.  #jobsatisfaction

*If you don’t do Twitter, that there was a “hashtag.”  It’s a thing you do to add flavor to your tweets.  I’m becoming mildly addicted to coming up with fun ones.  Today I used #don’tsneezeinmysoup in context.  Not bad.

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