Summer Baby Grunge

September 3rd, 2011

We spent the day at Raccoon Creek State Park today for what I suspect may be our Last Big Adventure of the Summer.  Not that we won’t have Big Autumn Adventures (in fact, we have more than one planned already) but Labor Day does traditionally mark the end of the summer season and the rest of the weekend is threatening to be horrid and rainy.

As I look ahead to fall, one of the things I will miss from our summer adventures days is Summer Baby Grunge.  I may be a weirdy but I just love the patina of stuff that collects on my kids after a day of activity and fun.

Today, both kids are sporting layers of:

Sunscreen (I love that smell)
Lake water
Peach juice

It all mixes together and makes their hair stringy and their skin sticky.  I love it.  It means they’ve had a good day.

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