The Continuing Adventures of Piranha Boy

September 28th, 2011

We recently received The Call from daycare: “Your son bit someone.”


I was well aware of Buggie’s chomping proclivities, having been on the receiving end of them many times a day.    The kid is a piranha.  He comes charging across the floor at me on all fours, mouth agape, leading with his teeth.

He’s going for the nose. I can see it in his eyes…

The other day, he actually lifted up my shirt, the better to gnaw on my bare stomach.

It started out as just gentle love nibbles.  He’d mouth at me affectionately and I didn’t mind because it was sort of cute.  But then he grew teeth and got a more powerful jaw and now he’s a force to be reckoned with.  He’s also expanded his tastes.  It used to be that he only bit me.  Irritating, but manageable.  But now he’s branching out to include his sister and — apparently — his classmates.

The saving grace is that he doesn’t bite when he’s mad.  It’s not an aggressive act.  He just gets really excited and then tends to munch on you enthusiastically.  Often, he giggles the whole time.  We’re working on curtailing it by putting him down or moving away anytime he gets too toothy, but I’m contemplating investing in kevlar for his poor big sister and his long-suffering playmates!

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