5 Things We Do Instead of Watching TV

October 12th, 2011

While there are definitely days when I would desperately love to pop in a Dora the Explorer DVD after a hectic day of work and kick back, basking in the peace and quiet of zombified children, for the most I really appreciate all the things we have time to do when we’re not glued to the screen.  Things like…

1) Blow Bubbles — Have you ever had the chance to watch little kids play with bubbles?  It’s one of those rare moments in life where you get to observe pure and unadulterated joy.  I highly recommend it.

2) Bake Something — Despite our best efforts at keeping the sugar content of Miss Mouse’s life to a minimum, she naturally has a sweet tooth the size of Montana.  She got a huge kick out of helping me make birthday cupcakes for Buggie a couple weeks ago…

3) Do Puzzles — I’ve mentioned how much Miss Mouse enjoys doing puzzles.  And if her interest ever seems to wane, we can always refresh to activity by changing locations…

4) Build Igloos — Well, assemble igloos, in our case.  One of my buddies got the kids this great play tent that looks like an igloo.  We spend an inordinate amount of time in there, having picnics, building towers out of blocks, reading stories, and pretending to be wild animals.  And by “we” I do mean more than just the kids…

5) Dance and Frolic — If in doubt, dance.  We do a lot of frolicking.  Miss Mouse has also developed a fondness for zumba moves, which we practice together before I head to my weekly zumba class.  She definitely gets an A for Enthusiasm!

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