A Clock for a Mouse

October 13th, 2011

Hickory Dickory Dock.  I bought Miss Mouse a clock.

We’ve been struggling with keeping Miss Mouse in her bed at night.  She tends to wake at random intervals in the night and come traipsing into our room.  Sometimes she has to go potty.  Sometimes imaginary gorillas are causing trouble.  And sometimes I don’t think she has any idea why she’s up, and she simply asks to be tucked back into bed.  All in all, it was causing some sleep deprivation.

We’re utilizing a couple different tactics, including making puzzle activity contingent upon a good night’s sleep.  But my other theory is that Miss Mouse legitimately has no idea what time it is when she gets up.  It stays pretty dark these days until well past when we get up on a school day.  So I bought her a clock.

Rather than trying to teach her to tell time (a bit premature for a three-year-old), we opted to focus on matching instead.  We taped a piece of white cardstock to the clock display, with the number 6 written in a block clock-like font.  Then all she has to do is check to see if the other visible number matches.  If it does, she’s allowed to get up.  If not, stay in bed.

It’s a good idea.  I think.  Though I’m not quite sure she really gets it yet.  She brings it with her when she comes to my bedside now, and asks me if the numbers match, so I think we have a bit more work to do…

2 responses to “A Clock for a Mouse”

  1. Isa says:

    Ha! What a good idea! I've heard of 'sleeping bunny' clocks–if the bunny is sleeping, you should be, too. But this should work just fine once she figures out the match!

  2. G'Mom says:

    I think she has figured it out – she just wants confirmation like she sometimes does with her puzzles even when she knows exactly which piece goes where.

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