A Soggy, Sticky, Smiley Tiger

October 31st, 2011

Tonight was our first “real” Halloween with a child old enough to know that saying “tick or treat” will yield candy.  It rained, of course.  Most of my memories of Halloween as a child involve rain.  Sometimes snow.  It’s tradition.  It didn’t slow us down, though apparently the other neighborhood kids are made of less stern stuff because we didn’t get a single tick-or-treator at our house.  Not one.  (Being at the bottom of a steep hill probably doesn’t help.)

The dearth of kids may have also explained the phenomenon whereby we visited exactly six houses, but managed to come home with a couple pounds of candy.

Seriously.  One woman literally gave Miss Mouse three big handfuls of mini-chocolate bars.  Egad.  We let her eat three and she carefully selected M&M;’s, a Kit Kat and a Baby Ruth.  Of them, she really only liked the M&M;’s.

Buggie thought perhaps he needed candy as well, but he was wrong.  Poor little dinosaur.

The quandary for tomorrow is this: what to do with the extra candy?  I’m not gonna let Miss Mouse eat all of that, even if she does space it out over a few days.  Our current plan is to be matter of fact — candy is for Halloween and Halloween is now over.  Thus the candy is gone.  Life goes on.

Maybe I can offload the remainder at work…

One response to “A Soggy, Sticky, Smiley Tiger”

  1. G'Mom says:

    If anyone had come to my door looking as cute as the Sticky Tiger, I would have given her the entire basket of candy!

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