In which I grudgingly embrace chocolate milk

October 24th, 2011

As much as I enjoy watching my daughter’s face light up at the sight of a cupcake, I’m not a big fan of my kids ingesting lots of sugar.  I recognize that this is ironic and perhaps even hypocritical in light of my own sweet tooth, but that’s the way it is.

Thus it is with deep reservations that I have been serving Miss Mouse a big glass of chocolate milk each morning with breakfast.

My wee girl is a severely picky eater.  And drinker.  She doesn’t do much of either and I was getting concerned that a) she was getting dehydrated and b) she wasn’t getting anywhere near enough calcium.  I attempted to address the latter worry by offering her more yogurt and cheese.  She’d take two bites and lose interest.  Ditto broccoli.

So I chatted with the pediatrician who convinced me that the sugar in chocolate milk was the lesser of two evils, wherein the other evil was future osteoporosis.  He reassured me that one glass of chocolate milk a day wasn’t going to cause her teeth to immediately rot and fall out.

Miss Mouse is in heaven.  She cheerfully knocks back her chocolatey breakfast beverage each morning and then we sprint with her upstairs to brush her teeth.

Ah, the chocolate milk mustache

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