Our Anniversary Staycation

October 10th, 2011

In August, Josh and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary.  Well, we marked it at least.  Busy lives and crazy schedules prevented us from doing a huge amount of celebrating.  We had planned to go away this weekend instead — spend a few days in a cabin somewhere away from the kids, reading, reconnecting, and above all…sleeping.

But when the time came to make some concrete plans, the financial reality of our “weekend away” started to look a bit daunting.  Even a modest trip gets expensive fast, between gas, lodging, and food.  In the end, we nixed our plans and opted for a little “staycation” instead.

Sunday after church, we left the kiddos in the capable hands of my parents and headed out to lunch, compliments of a gift card from Josh’s parents.  Then, we hit the bookstore for an hour or so.  Two bookstores, actually.  (We love a good bookstore date.)  Next up, a matinee show of The Ides of Match.  At one of our local theaters, all shows starting between 4pm and 5:30 are $5.  Score.

And finally, we switched houses with my folks for the night.  They stayed at our house with the kids and we spent the night at their condo.  We ate cookies, watched a movie, and slept more soundly than we had in months, freed from listening with half an ear for the baby’s monitor or the sound of a three-year-old stealthily creeping into the room.

It wasn’t glamorous, but it was great and it didn’t break the bank.  Altogether, I think we spent about $65, including $30 spent at Half-Price Books (for which we got six books — can’t beat it).  Maybe for our ten-year anniversary we’ll head to the French Riviera.  Or not.

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One response to “Our Anniversary Staycation”

  1. Isa says:

    Oh, I think you should! :) We're trying to get in some more trips before we are tied to the baby monitor also, but things being as they are it looks like we get the annual thanksgiving trip to FL, and a babymoon in Door County. In January. I'm looking forward to the tub and the fire, though–my new obsession (thanks, PBS!) with Uzbekistan will just have to wait…

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