The Present

October 16th, 2011

For her birthday, we got Miss Mouse a puppy.

Just kidding.  Do I look crazy?

That puppy belongs to my best friend, but we went to visit him yesterday as part of Miss Mouse’s birthday festivities.  Actually, he would have made a terrible birthday present as Miss Mouse could not have been less interested in the small furry critter.  She was much more keen on scavenging around the house for toys, ultimately landing on a Britney Spears action figure left over from our college days.  She called Britney a princess.  We quickly hid the doll and tried to change the subject before Mousie noticed and commented on the doll’s (very visible, of course) pink panties…

No, the Big Gift (in addition to a fabulous set of Tinkerbell sheets from Nana and Papu and a new puzzle and game from Grandma Nancy and Grandpa Don) was a dollhouse.

My folks and I went in together to get Miss Mouse an exquisite, fully-furnished dollhouse.  In honor of our pending adoption, I bought two sets of people, white and black, then mixed them up to giver her an interracial family.  I have no idea how much that sort of thing really registers with a three-year-old but they do say that it’s the little, subconscious things that can really help shape their worldview.

Anyways, the dollhouse was a big hit. Miss Mouse is engaging in more and more creative and imaginative play and I think that her new toy will help her develop that even more.  She immediately identified and named her family (after our family, of course) and introduced them to their new abode.  She set about taking breakfast orders, bathing the kids, and tucking everyone into bed for naps.

Buggie was also quite enamored of the gift.  Miss Mouse wavered between generously welcoming him to play with her and shoving him out of the way when he actually put a finger on her toys.  Ah, siblings.

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  1. Jenyjenz says:

    Omg! I am in love with her dollhouse! I like the wooden look and the fact that it still has a girly flair. Do you remember where you got it or who the maker is? Thanks

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