The Trouble with Harvest Parties

October 27th, 2011

Yesterday, there were “Harvest Parties” — complete with costume parades — at Miss Mouse and Buggie’s daycare.  As with an earlier holiday party at school, it seemed like a really good idea…

…but actually wasn’t.

I took the day off work because Buggie’s party was in the morning, Mousie’s was in the afternoon, and we had an adoption-related errand to run mid-day (biometric fingerprinting — how official!).  The difficulties began almost immediately when my wee dinosaur decided he was very unsure about his (insanely adorable) costume.

He rallied a bit when he saw that his friends looked at least as silly as he did, if not more so (see: skunk).

Unfortunately, his big sister had a meltdown when she realized I was a) in the building but b) leaving again without her.  Yikes.  It also poured down rain so the ‘costume parade’ that was supposed to take place outside on the playground actually took place in a crowded hallway.

But, I returned in the afternoon undaunted and ready for a preschool Harvest Party of epic proportions.  It was epic all right.  Lots of tears.  Lots of whining.  And one small tiger with pigtails attempting to rip her costume off in the hallway.

In fairness, it really is asking a lot of little kids to understand and enjoy that sort of party.  There are way too many parents, the events are usually not all that well organized, and Halloween costumes can be a bit tricky.

But the event wasn’t a total loss.  I did get this fabulous picture:

And this one, which seems like an ideal postscript to our conversations about princesses.

 And, at the end of the day, twenty three-year-olds in Halloween costumes are pretty darned cute.

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