A Philosophy of Baked Goods

November 22nd, 2011

When it comes to baked goods, I have a pretty simple mantra: Go Big or Go Home.  As long as you’ve got the ingredients out, why not double the recipe?  Or make a couple variations?  Cookies, muffins, and scones all freeze well so there’s really no down side to have a lot of baked bread products on hand.

I took a few hours off work this afternoon so that I could dedicate myself to baking.  I’d been tasked with bringing some edibles to my family’s Thanksgiving festivities and I took the challenge seriously.  And when I take time off work, I expect to have something to show for it.  Like nine dozen muffins.

I’ve got several dozen in the freezer for future breakfasts, several dozen packed and ready to head West tomorrow, and a few set aside to share with co-workers.  There’s two varieties in there: pumpkin chocolate chip and spicy sausage and corn.

I’ve got pumpkin spice scones in the freezer and the world’s best sugar cookies (cut into turkeys, leaves, and pumpkins) drying on my dining room table.  Oh yes, we’ll be eating well this weekend.

One response to “A Philosophy of Baked Goods”

  1. Isa says:

    I get in trouble for this. I make tons and then get hoardy and we end up not giving everything away. This year I have sourced a room full of teenagers, though, so I can make as many christmas cookies as my little heart desires!

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