Advent Unplugged

November 29th, 2011

With the weekend’s turkey-eating festivities slowly fading into a tryptophan-blurred memory, I’m launching headfirst into the Christmas season.  I love Christmas.  I love the ornaments and caroling and sledding parties and cookies and reindeer and lights.  It makes me all tingly.

This Advent, I’m feeling a strong desire to get intentional about building our Christmas traditions, as Miss Mouse is old enough to enjoy all the activities of the season.  What I want to guard against, however, is Christmas-overload.  The holidays can get frenetic so easily and you can wind up cranky and fried by Christmas morning.  I want to be sure that our celebrations and activities are focused around what’s most important to me: making memories with my family.

I’ll be posting some of our activities in a series I’m calling “Advent Unplugged.”  It’s a reminder to me that the holidays are about more than the TV specials which are becoming increasingly prolific by the year.  We’re a pretty unplugged family most of the time anyways, and during the holidays, I think this central family value will serve us well, allowing us to spend more time baking cookies, decking the halls, and having impromptu Christmas carol dance parties.  I want more magic and less stress in my holidays this year.

So come along with me as we celebrate the season!

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