November 7th, 2011

Buggie and Miss Mouse have entered a new phase in their relationship.  It’s the “Buggie is now big enough to fight back when pushed, pulled, sat-upon, or otherwise abused by his sister” phase.  I suspect this new dynamic will be the status quo for the next twenty or so years, with the only potential change taking the form of escalation.

While 85% of the time they get along swimmingly, the remaining 15% of their interactions go something like this:

Buggie is sitting by himself with a toy or book.

Miss Mouse comes over and takes said toy or book.

With shocking speed and hand-eye coordination, Buggie reaches out, takes a firm grip on Miss Mouse’s hair, and pulls.  Hard.

Miss Mouse shrieks and shoves Buggie.

Buggie shoves back.

Miss Mouse lunges for Buggie, only to be restrained by Mommy who separates the combatants.

And, repeat.

For now, Miss Mouse has the upper hand.  She’s stronger and bigger than he is and if she wants him to stay in a laundry basket, by gum, he’s stuck.

But, Miss Mouse only outweighs her baby brother by about seven pounds so I suspect her days of supremacy are numbered.

One response to “Retaliation”

  1. Pomegranate says:

    totally reminds me of me and my younger-by-two-years brother.

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