The Big 30

November 5th, 2011

I turned 30 today.

It’s a milestone birthday, I suppose, marking the end of my carefree youth (as if the stretch marks and gray hairs hadn’t already done that).  I’m well and truly a grown up now!

I actually had no problems making the transition.  I know plenty of friends who struggled with their thirtieth birthdays, but I’m ready to embrace a new decade.  After all, I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot in the past ten years…

…I graduated from college.

…I graduated from seminary.

…I spent a year abroad, learned a new language, and mastered the art of riding side-saddle on a motorcycle while wearing a sari.

…I got married.

…I welcomed a rescue dog into my home and my heart.

…I got my first job.

…I had a child.

…Then another one.

…I got a new job (which I love).

…I laughed, cried, danced, sang, rocked babies, wiped noses, cooked dinners, baked cookies, read stories, wrote blogs, played hide-and-seek, and jumped into leaf piles.

If all that happened in the last ten years, can you imagine what the next ten will bring?

2 responses to “The Big 30”

  1. Isa says:


    So funny, I was thinking that you're one of three people whom I've known for all three of the decade birthdays that we've passed so far. And I still like you just as much as I did when we were nine!

  2. Opa says:

    You have so very much to celebrate, my dear, and so much to look forward to.
    love, Dad

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