The Preschool Perspective

November 23rd, 2011

Here’s yet another example of how having children enriches your life experiences.  I am excited about seeing my family for Thanksgiving.

Miss Mouse, on the other hand, is borderline manic in her excitement.

She has been bouncing off the walls for days, delirious at the prospect of seeing her grandparents, aunts, and cousins.  All of her teachers at school (and some who aren’t even her teachers) know all about her aunt: where she lives, what her house is like, what her cat’s name is, and that we’re bringing cookies and muffins to share with her.

It’s infectious.  My own enthusiasm about the weekend piggy-backs on hers and I find myself bouncing up and down on my toes at the prospect of the gathering.

We’ve been in countdown mode since the weekend.  It went like this: “Today is Sunday.  Tomorrow is Monday.  You’ll go to school.  Then the next day is Tuesday and you’ll go to school again. Then on Wednesday, when we pick you up from school, we’ll go to Thanksgiving.”

And, at last, the much-anticipated day has arrived.  Oh joy!  Oh bliss!  My daughter woke up in full Thanksgiving frenzy and was on her best behavior at breakfast.  She shooed me out the door at school with a chipper “hurry!” — presumably assuming that the faster I went to work, the faster I’d come back.

Thus we’re off.  I’ve got my millions of muffins and other assorted baked goods, way more wardrobe options than necessary and a large (but still probably not large enough) box of activities to keep my children occupied in the car and to (hopefully) prevent them from destroying either themselves or my aunt’s house this weekend.  Onward!*

* And if you’re a weirdy reading this and thinking my house is empty and easy picking for a little Black Friday break-in: think again.  Our house is actually inhabited, thank-you-very-much (blog forthcoming).  So bugger off.

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