You Can Have My House If You’ll Take My Dog

November 28th, 2011

As we made plans for our Thanksgiving adventure, we had a challenge: what to do with the dog?  My aunt is not a Dog Person and to be honest, the addition of a fifty-pound Labrador to a house already filled with 18 people would probably have been less than awesome.

But Riley doesn’t like spending time at the kennel.  We tried it only once, nearly five years ago and have never repeated the experience.  And boarding your dog is an expensive proposition, the prospect of which did not fill me with joy.  Sometimes we’ve been able to have friends and family dog-sit but we were coming up short for this trip.

Then inspiration struck.

I sent out an email to a bunch of parents from our daycare, with the following offer: they were welcome to use our home to house out-of-town guests for the weekend if said guests would be willing to take care of our dog.

It seemed totally reasonable to me and, sure enough, one mom wrote back promptly to take me up on the offer.  It really worked out great.  Her mother and mother-in-law stayed at our house each evening and various family members came over throughout the day to facilitate bathroom breaks and mealtimes for our furball.

Riley avoided the stress of being kenneled.  My friend was able to give herself some breathing room at her house by stashing her relatives at mine.  I didn’t have to fork over a couple hundred bucks to let a stranger feed and shelter my dog.  Everybody wins!

2 responses to “You Can Have My House If You’ll Take My Dog”

  1. G'Mom says:

    That was such a clever idea – I never would have thought of it!

  2. Isa says:

    ooo…good thought. I'll keep this one in mind–dog sitting is by FAR the worst part of our lives at the moment in terms of vacation planning. We usually drag them out to my mom's house, which always seems like both too much work and too much to ask.

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