Christmas Pictures

December 28th, 2011

My camera hates me.  The feeling is mutual.  This is what the majority of our pictures from Christmas morning look like…

I don’t know why.  WHY, GOD, WHY?

Okay, I’m over it.  Happily, we did get a few nice shots throughout the festivities at our house and with Josh’s family.

That’s a girl who loves Christmas.

The big gift of Christmas morning was the teepee my mother made for my munchkins.  Here’s Josh showing them how great it is.  You can see from Miss Mouse’s body language that what she’s saying is — “Get out of there, Daddy!  It’s my turn!

 Buggie was quite enamored of his Little People airplane…at least until his sister stole it and started flying it around the room with periodic landings on his head.

I failed to get this shot Christmas morning, which is probably good since the pics didn’t turn out.  This one was down with my in-laws.  Next year, I plan for all four of us to have matching jammies.  The question is: can I get Josh to wear holiday pajama pants??

Josh’s middle sister is pregnant so here’s the first picture of all three grandkids together!

And an extra shot of my adorable son.  He likes hats, if you’ll recall.

And his ham of a big sister.  Love the sparkly green hair.

3 responses to “Christmas Pictures”

  1. Isa says:

    Darling! And I love the teepee! I made one for Tuesday, but never really saw her using it, so I'm glad to see that other kids do, in fact, enjoy them. especially because the second one I made was an 8' tall one for us (it's pink and turquoise and monogrammed, natch). Also, your camera was just protecting Mousie from having pictures with her underpants from being part of her wedding-day montage. :)

  2. Kate says:

    Yes! The teepee is a wonderful gift. Kudos to you for getting started making them. The kiddos have a ball together, especially when Josh plays "bear" and claws at the outside.

  3. […] My parents often get the kids a big “together” present for Christmas. ¬†Two years ago, it was an awesome home-made play tent. […]

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