Giving Thanks for Sleeping Boys

December 13th, 2011

Love is a sleeping toddler.

I give thanks for my son’s sleep personality daily.

Buggie is pretty much everything you could ask for when it comes to bedtime.  Really, it starts with bath time.  When it’s time to get scrubbed up, I announce to him — “Buggie!  It’s bath time!”  He lights up like a mega-watt bulb, reaches for my hand, and toddles toward the stairs to the bathroom.

Bedtime follows a simple routine.  We read two or three stories while he drinks some milk, ending with Sandra Boynton’s “Going to Bed Book.”  He hands me his milk cup and turns around on my lap for a hug.  I turn off the light and give him another hug — at the end of which he reaches for his crib.  I set him down in his crib (wide awake) and he tucks his stuffed giraffe under his arm.  I give him a pat on the back, say goodnight, and walk out.

That’s it.  It’s amazing.

In the mornings, my son wakes up happy.  Most mornings, I hear him start rustling around in his bed for a few minutes before he starts chattering to himself.  He’ll do that happily for ten minutes or so before getting more insistent about some company.

He’s happy when he goes to bed and he’s cheerful in the morning.  Rejoice!  Rejoice!  Again I say, rejoice!

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  1. G'Mom says:

    What a fabulous picture! I want to smooch him.

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