Guilt-Assuaging Ear Tubes

December 16th, 2011

Buggie got ear tubes today.  After eight ear infections in nine months, enough was enough.  Happily, our ENT doc readily agreed and got us on his schedule amazingly quickly (our consult was Wednesday and the surgery was this morning!).  The Bug-man was a trooper, remaining his usual chipper self through the pre-op shenanigans despite having been cut off from all food for 16 hours.  I doubt I would have been so cheerful.

I’m hopeful that the tubes will work wonders on Buggie like they did on his big sister, who has only had one ear infection in the more than two years since she got her tubes.

I will confess that I felt a great surge of relief when it became evident that Buggie would need tubes.  It relieved a piece of “momma guilt” that had been hanging around my neck for three long years: my failure to breastfeed Miss Mouse.

Rationally, I knew that I had given it my best shot and had no reason to feel bad about resorting to formula with my firstborn.  But…one of the many benefits of breastfeeding that is regularly touted is a noticeable reduction in ear infections.

Thus, in my mind, Miss Mouse’s recurrent ear troubles were linked to her lack of breast milk consumption.

Until now.

Because her baby brother got lots of boob juice.  Six months of nothing but breast milk and two more months of boob and bottle.  And he STILL needed ear tubes because he got so many ear infections.  So there you have it.

One response to “Guilt-Assuaging Ear Tubes”

  1. Isa says:

    Nah, plenty of kids get tubes. And you definitely did try with Miss Mouse–I think that needing surgery for breastfeeding is a good indication that it wasn't going to work at that point in time. I hope this is the end of the endless infections for poor Mr. Bug!

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