One Calm Saturday (Advent Unplugged)

December 18th, 2011

I didn’t pack a diaper bag yesterday, and since Buggie has not miraculously mastered the potty at the age of 15 months that can only mean one thing…

…we didn’t go anywhere yesterday.

I literally cannot remember the last time our family stayed home on a Saturday.  With Sunday being largely consumed with church and grocery shopping, Saturday is our Day to Have Adventures.  We go to the zoo, to the museum, to a friend’s house, to a farm, to kid-friendly theater, and to the park.  Bottom line: we go.

I thrive on activity and love taking the kids places, but staying home yesterday reminded me of how rewarding it can be to just kick back with your family.  We had a great time together.

We read stories and colored pictures.  I putzed around the house and sorted laundry.  We listened to Christmas carols and had “a little snack” about every 45 minutes.  We bundled up and stomped around in the back yard until our noses turned red and our fingers froze.  Buggie and Miss Mouse played endless games that only they understand (interestingly, all these games involve shrieking at the top of their lungs).

And in the afternoon, we made gingerbread houses.  Ever since we built a set at Thanksgiving, I’ve been itching to try again.  I didn’t quite realize how much skill goes into the initial assembly of the houses, since my aunt and uncle kindly did that step for us before.  The little pre-made set I bought was tricky to put together and, sadly, only two of the five houses survived the decorating process in-tact.

Like my kids cared.

They both had a ball.  Miss Mouse heaped gum drops on her house while Buggie mashed his fingers into frosting and attempted to gnaw on his house.  (Is it any wonder it fell apart?)

Mental note to self: staying home for the day really can be as much fun as mounting a grand adventure!

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  1. Isa says:

    Yeah, gingerbread houses kind of suck. They look so easy and then none of the pieces actually bake flat and stick together right! ARGH! But they're so much fun it doesn't really matter…

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