Picture Day: Mouse vs. Mom

December 7th, 2011

I knew it would only cause problems, but I just couldn’t help myself.  I became emotionally invested in the daycare Picture Day.

They do picture day a couple times a year at school and I’ve never bothered with it before.  We’re not really “family picture people” and you’ll find exactly zero pictures of our kids (or us) adorning the walls of the living room.  It just seemed like a waste of money and a hassle.

But Buggie and Miss Mouse are both so darned cute — and they’re cute together — that when I saw them advertising taking sibling pictures, I cracked and signed the kids up.  Visions of darling brother-sister pictures danced in my head.

Thus it was that I set about to wrestle my children into their holiday finery this morning.  It was an epic battle.

Not with Buggie.  He cheerfully donned his reindeer sweater vest and patent leather shoes and set about looking dapper and radiant.

Miss Mouse, on the other hand, immediately divined my deep desire for her to look beautiful and dug her heels in.  (She’s good at that.)  She refused to let me wash her hair.  She screamed at the very notion of wearing a dress.  She kicked her boots off and threw them across the room.  It wasn’t pretty.

But I was committed.  This was a fight I was going to win.  Josh waded into the fray and using a mixture of threats (“no pigtails, no Advent calendar”) and bribes (“anyone who is wearing picture day clothes can have a piece of candy before they leave”) we triumphed.  She looked fabulous.

I have no idea if the pictures will turn out but if not, it wasn’t for lack of adorable subjects!

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