Santa’s Little Enforcer

December 10th, 2011

Last year, Miss Mouse enjoyed the holiday season, but didn’t really “get” the whole Santa thing.  That has changed this year.

Miss Mouse not only understand that Santa Claus will be arriving Christmas Eve, laden with gifts, she has also appointed herself as his minion.  She is acting as his enforcer of good behavior and all-around tattletale.

Many times each day, Miss Mouse determines that some member of the household has committed an infraction serious enough to warrant a call to the big man in red.  “That’s it!” — she announces — “Mommy, you are not going to get a present from Santa because you were not listening.

Or maybe it’s — “Buggie!  You picked up my toy so you will NOT get a present from Santa.

Or else — “Daddy!  I am calling Santa and he is not going to come.”

This morning, she even walked into the other room, where I heard her carrying on a conversation with her boss.  “Santa,” she announced importantly to the refrigerator, “Mommy is not listening.”

I honestly have no idea where this came from.  We’ve been pretty low-key about the whole Santa thing, although we do talk about him.  But I swear we haven’t talked much about the “naught vs. nice” list so I can only assume that it’s a hot topic of conversation at school!

So now I have to be on my best behavior, knowing that Santa’s right-hand gal is ever-vigilant.

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