What does ten pounds of sprinkles look like?

December 4th, 2011

Answer: Like this…

I believe “laden” is the word to describe these cookies.

Yesterday I hosted a Cookie Decorating and Craft Party for a group of Miss Mouse’s daycare friends (and their parents).  While you may not consider entertaining 22 people, ten of them under the age of four, a stress-free holiday activity, I actually do.  This party was one of my non-negotiable Advent activities and I had been looking forward to it for weeks.

I’d say there were three — no, four — keys to making this shindig a success.

1) Location, location, location.  There was no way on earth I was going to let eight preschoolers (and two baby brothers) decorate cookies in my house.  Do I look crazy?  Poor Josh’s heart would have stopped when the first glob of frosting hit the carpet.  So we wisely moved the affair to our church.  We set up tables in our big open chapel and it worked perfectly.

2) Delegate.  I didn’t try to single-handedly prepare all the necessary baked goods and craft projects.  I asked folks to bring one or the other.  I made sugar cookies along with three other moms, three moms brought craft project supplies, and one provided music and snacks.  We ended up with Magic Reindeer Food, jingle bell necklaces, foam penguin picture frames, and about nine dozen decorated cookies (along with an undetermined quantity in small tummies…).

My new favorite kid-craft!

3) Frost with paint brushes.  I read on a blog somewhere that young kids do better with paint brushes than butter knives when it comes to spreading frosting.  So I gave it a whirl.  EUREKA.  I bought a bunch of cheap foam pain brushes with short handles and they worked beautifully. The kids were really able to decorate totally independently (hence the ten pounds of sprinkles).

The would-be Picasso at work

4) Let it go.  The cookies we made are not going to win any beauty pageants.  Who cares?  Well me, sometimes.  But it only took me about five minutes to just throw up my hands and let the kids go wild with frosting, sprinkles, and colored sugar.  Purple Christmas trees?  Sign me up.

Buggie loved decorating cookies, too!

Since no one wanted their kids to actually consume nine dozen cookies, we’re donating them to my work.  We run a Christmas gift distribution program that’s happening this week, so families who come in for that will be greeted by plates of exuberantly-decorated cookies.  While our kids were a bit young to understand what a food pantry is, we did make an effort to explain that we were sharing our cookies with people who might not get cookies at Christmas.  It’s never too soon to talk about philanthropy!

2 responses to “What does ten pounds of sprinkles look like?”

  1. Isa says:

    Actually, I think these look better than mine usually do. Must. Try. Foam. Brushes…
    Also, what's in the reindeer food other than oats? Glitter?

  2. Kate says:

    You guessed it! Green and red and white glitter. Talk about super easy and super fun.

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