Cocoa ala Mouse

January 7th, 2012

During Advent, I posted about how I manage my time to get everything I want done even with two small people clamoring for attention.  My secret mostly involved being efficient when they’re asleep.  A friend of mine pointed out that involving kids in day-to-day activities can also be an excellent bonding opportunity (as well as good example-setting).

She’s right, of course.  As Miss Mouse gets older, she wants nothing more than to help me with household tasks.  She loves to fill the dog’s cup with food, carefully carrying it up the stairs to pour into his bowl.  She adores helping me do laundry — loading the washer, pouring the soap, pushing the buttons…upending my clean laundry baskets and jumping on the piles.  And she likes spending time in the kitchen with me.

So the other day, when I needed to be doing some baking, I set her up at our kitchen island with a couple bowls of flour and some measuring spoons while I did my own mixing and stirring.  She was in heaven.  Very quickly, she determined that she was making hot cocoa (a carry-over from when we actually made it together for her teachers) and she set to work making the best cocoa ever.

Looks yummy, no?

We added ingredients — like Christmas cookie sprinkles! — and she was completely entranced for about a half an hour.  

It made a huge mess and “wasted” a ton of colored sugar, but who cares?  It was quality time with my girl.

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