Dump or Donate?

January 30th, 2012

Don’t mistake trash for treasure!

Maintaining an organized and uncluttered home means that you must regularly assess your possessions, and frequently cull your belongings. Whether you’re clearing out the closet, paring down the tower of toys, or trying to make room on your bookshelf for the newest best seller, there will be items leaving your home.
The moment of decision looms: do you throw the stuff away or donate it to charity?
You can check out the rest of this post over at Life as Mom, where I am the guest contributor today!

2 responses to “Dump or Donate?”

  1. Isa says:

    We just put out a bunch of stuff for the VVA to take away this morning. I'm worried about how much crap will be strewn across our neighborhood when we get home because the local raccoons (ie: trashy neighbors) will have gone through them and taken what they want. I tried to be good, though, and threw out anything I wouldn't want to have!

  2. Opa says:

    Well put. Just looking at the stuff piled outside the local Salvation Army would tell you that most of it should have gone to Waste Management instead. We are lucky to have a Goodwill that does try to fix broken electronics, and they recycle what they can't fix and sell.

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