In which we pray for heart underpants

January 23rd, 2012

Boy and dog praying [NOT my picture - read description please]
I have got to teach Riley that trick!

As you might expect — what with being married to a minister and all — church plays a pretty central role in our lives.  We categorize our days as “school days,” “church day,” and “play day” (Saturday).  As Miss Mouse gets older, she is beginning to incorporate religious language and activity into her daily life — sometimes with amusing results.

Take prayer.  We say bedtime prayers with Miss Mouse each night and have also begun encouraging her to say her own prayers.  This weekend, she was on a holy roll with prayers flying right and left.  She’d march into the kitchen and announce – “I’m going to say a little prayer” — then dutifully fold her hands and start talking.  “Dear Jesus, thank you for the snow.  And for mommy and daddy.  And for my heart underpants.  And for spoons.  Amen.

Then she’d encourage me to say a prayer.  Then it was daddy’s turn.  If she could have gotten Riley to participate, I’m sure she would have.

Miss Mouse also likes to sing.  A lot.  While she’s engaged in other activities, like reading or doing a puzzle or coloring, Miss Mouse often invents songs.  They’re somewhat atonal but clearly heartfelt.  And their content is an amazing riotous concoction of well-known children’s songs, Christian radio, and snippets of daily life.

“Hickory dickory dock.  The mouse ran around and said boo!  My soul, my soul, magnifies the lord, my soul!  We’re sitting at the table.  At the table.  Oh Lord.”

We let Buggie get in on the action when he can, too.  For example, when we say grace at dinner, we all clap our hands in time to the prayer.  He loves it.  His face lights up and he whacks his hands together gleefully.  It’s only a matter of time until they start composing songs together.

2 responses to “In which we pray for heart underpants”

  1. G'Mom says:

    That has got to be the very best prayer I've ever heard. Think Josh could use it some Sunday?

  2. JenniferT says:

    Agreed! It may crack the congregation up as much as the blog readers!! Love it:-)

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