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January 19th, 2012

I love cookbooks.  I can sit down and thumb through a new cookbook for hours, making lists of ideas, drooling over the pictures, and pondering the untapped potential of ingredients like fennel or Manchego cheese.  But anymore, a lot of my recipe-hunting happens on the Internet.  My mom emails me ideas and I surf regularly to my favorite site — AllRecipes — for inspiration.

A number of years ago, I started compiling my printed-out recipes into a three-ring binder.  It actually started the year I studied abroad.  It was the first time I faced the prospect of apartment living and cooking for myself full-time.  I wanted to be prepared, so I printed off a bunch of simple recipes, glued them to cardstock, and stuck them in a binder.

I still have that binder.  It’s grown over the years and gotten a bit more sophisticated.  I have color-coded sections for breakfasts/breads, soups, sides, main dishes, and dessert.  I periodically go through and weed out unsuccessful recipes by pasting new ones over the top.  I don’t keep up with it as often as I like and usually have a file-folder stashed in the kitchen that is brimming with loose-leaf recipes, printed from the web or clipped from magazines.

But when I get a chance (like tonight!), I enjoy the chance to file things, often discovering recipes I’d forgotten about.  On the menu for next week: Hawaiian-style short ribs and spiced sweet potato fries (not necessarily together).  Mmmmm.

One response to “My Recipe Binder”

  1. G'Mom says:

    Maybe I should give you the several thick file folders I have full of cut out recipes – I'm never ever going to paste them into my binder. Let's hear it for recipe folders (albeit not color coded) on my laptop!

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