Why I Organized My Cookie Cutters

January 31st, 2012

Alternate post title: De-Cluttering Baby Steps.

Recently, I’ve been trying to whittle away at the amount of stuff cluttering my house.  I (finally) went through my closet and pulled out a few things I never wear.  I reorganized Miss Mouse’s art supplies and (finally) threw away the coloring books that are completely full.  I went through my junk drawer and (finally) chucked all the pens that don’t write.

These are all baby steps.  Things that aren’t going to completely overhaul my home, but which, taken together, do have an impact on the amount of random crap I’m tripping over on any given day.

This weekend, I weeded my cookie cutters.  This probably isn’t a trouble spot for all of you, but I have a lot of cookie cutters.  I bought an awesome set of 100 a while back for every occasion imaginable and have supplemented it over time because, as it turned out, there actually were some occasions for which the makers of the set had not prepared (how did they not include a turkey?).

One entire drawer in my kitchen has been devoted to cookie cutters – they’re piled into bags and shoved into a couple boxes in the drawer.  Today I managed to weed out maybe 20% of them.  Ones that were poorly designed and produced utterly unrecognizable cookies.  Ones that were too big.  Ones that were duplicates (I may have forgotten to check my stash before buying Halloween cutters this year).

I pared my collection down to what would fit into two cardboard boxes.  Another baby step.  But I feel like it’s making a difference to my house, and my sanity!

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