A Brief Product Placement Interlude

February 17th, 2012

I am not a brand-loyal person.  Choosy moms may choose Jiff, but I really couldn’t care less what brand of peanut butter we use.  Or shampoo.  Or dish soap.  Or tennis shoes.

But I firmly believe that every child deserves — nay, needs — at least one Jellycat stuffed animal.

Miss Mouse has two: Floppy and George (a bunny and a monkey, respectively, in case the names weren’t indicative enough).  She and Floppy have long been inseparable and she continues to sleep with him regularly.

August, 2009

And this is Gerry the Giraffe, Buggie’s bosom companion.

Actually, I think I see a bit of codependency developing, as Buggie has begun insisting on bringing Gerry to the breakfast table.  He tries to take him into the bath, but I hold firm.  Ditto on going to school since all hell would break loose at bedtime if Gerry accidentally stayed at daycare one evening.

The thing about Jellycat critters is that they are perfectly proportioned for wee hands.  They have elongated appendages (and ears, sometimes!) and are the softest, most cuddly bits of fluffy love you have ever encountered.  Ever.  I may need to get myself one, soon.

2 responses to “A Brief Product Placement Interlude”

  1. G'Mom says:

    Ooh – what one do you want? Have you checked out their website?

  2. Isa says:

    watch it on breakfast. Our family has a song written in honor of Buzzy the Bee–who didn't make it through one pancake breakfast with me, back in '83…

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