Easy Foam Heart Valentines

February 10th, 2012

It’s Valentine season again.  (My husband tries in vain to argue that Valentine’s Day is merely a day, not a season.  But he is wrong.)  I like Valentine’s Day.  Always have, even though I’ve never really been swept up in the romance of it all.  I just like the chance to wear heart socks and do craft projects involving doilies.

Now that there are kids on the scene, making valentines has morphed from “fun thing to do if I’ve got time” to “imperative mommy activity.”

Well, at least for me it has.  I really don’t like the store-bought kiddie valentines.  So impersonal.  So cheesy.  So full of product placement.  Thus, I prefer to make valentines by hand.  Last year, I made some really awesome recycled-art valentines with Miss Mouse.  This year, that seemed a bit labor intensive.

Enter foam heart stickies.

You can buy them everywhere.  Big tubs of themed, self-adhesive stickers (often with glitter!!) can be had cheaply at any craft store or Wal-Mart.  I bought a tub and also found some non-sticker foam hearts, about five inches in diameter.  Then I turned my preschooler loose.

She had a blast artfully covering her base hearts with legions of smaller sticky hearts.  I’ll pen her name on the back of them all and — voila! — cheap, personalized, hand-made valentines for all her friends at day care.

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