My One Concession to Technology

February 19th, 2012

Although, for the most part, screens are not a part of my children’s daily lives, we do sometimes make an exception for the computer.  Not to play hideous preschool-targeting-commercially-driven-flashing-lights-and-obnoxious-cartoon-birds games, though (yeah, I have issues with the meteoric rise of apps targeting kids, okay?).

My kids’ primary use of our computer is to video-chat with my parents.  That’s what they’re doing in the picture above — filling Nana and Papu in on the day’s activities.  (And don’t you just love their matching body language?  They’re holding their hands the same way.  Cracks me up.)

Thought my parents spend a lot of time visiting us, they do actually live outside Chicago so when they’re back home, we try to talk to them on the computer at least once a week.

The kids love it.  Miss Mouse shows off new clothes, holds up art projects, and demonstrates new skills (“Look, Nana, I can do a somersault!).

Buggie has only recently figured out that the folks on the screen are his beloved grandparents, and he is enchanted.  The first time he said my dad’s kid-name (Papu), it was to the screen.  Now, if I have the computer open for any other reason, my son comes toddling across the room chanting “Papu, Papu.”  I love it.

One response to “My One Concession to Technology”

  1. Isa says:

    we love skype! So far we almost only use it to visit Tuesie–but she still knows who we are, even though neither of us has seen her in person for more than 6 months! I expect it'll help a lot with my MIL's fears that her grandkids won't know who she is…

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