Shoots & Ladders VS Candy Land

February 4th, 2012


Over the holidays, I picked up a couple classic preschool board games for Miss Mouse — Shoots & Ladders and Candy Land.  However, given the influx of gifts during that time of year, I didn’t actually break them out until recently.

Unsurprisingly, Miss Mouse LOVES board games.  All other evening activities have been flung to the back burner in her zest to play games.  It’s pretty darned fun, except for one small thing:

Shoots & Ladders is a stupid game.

There, I said it.  I have fond memories of playing as a child, but am finding that playing as an adult is truly torturous.  It’s dull.  And frustrating because Miss Mouse struggles with counting out spaces, causing me to grit my teeth and gently help her Every Single Time.  And dull.  Did I mention dull?  Snooze fest.

Candy Land is noticeably better.  It’s easier — colors instead of counting — and who doesn’t get a kick out of drawing Lolly and Princess Frostine (though I swear she used to be Queen Frostine)?  Happily, Miss Mouse has fallen in love with Mr. Mint and usually requests a romp through the land of sweets instead of a asking for That Other Game.

(Yes, she’s wearing pink striped footie pajamas and a big bow headband.  The girl’s got style, even when she’s getting ready for bed.)

Consider this a public service announcement so that, if you are ever asked by a three-year-old which game you want to play, you know the answer.

One response to “Shoots & Ladders VS Candy Land”

  1. Isa says:

    Nope, she was always the princess. I remember because I stacked the deck often and spent a lot of time looking at her. We bought the Pigeon memory game because I have taken your advice to heart and am practicing now so I can hold my own in a couple years. It's pretty fun, actually!

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