Snack time, farewell

February 3rd, 2012

As I may have mentioned before, my son likes to eat.  A lot.  All the time.  A while back we instituted an after-school snack because he was melting into a big old puddle of hungry angst before we could get dinner on the table most nights.  It worked like a charm.  The kids would bound into the house and Buggie would head directly for his seat at the table, grunting expectantly.

But over the past month we noticed that this pre-dinner munching was having an impact on his evening meal.  I suppose it was only a matter of time before eating a substantial snack (think: Nutrigrain bar plus large banana) an hour before dinner was going to take its toll.  I wouldn’t have minded too much but two problems were arising:

1) The nutritional value of the after-school snack was slipping.  My attempts at sticking to fresh fruits and vegetables were starting to fall by the wayside, replaced by peanut butter crackers and cereal bars.  I didn’t like that the kids were filling up on those dubious products instead of my healthy, balanced dinners.

2) When he’s not hungry at dinner, Buggie gets restless in his high chair.  And when he gets restless, he throws thing to entertain himself.  Like bowls of yogurt.

So this week, we eliminated the snack.  This is how Buggie feels about the decision:

Poor dear.  It’s really quite heartbreaking to refuse to feed your child when you know perfectly well that’s what they want.

But it’s had the desired effect.  Buggie has gone from picking at his dinner to wolfing it down.  Two entire sandwiches one night.  A giant bowl of peas last night.  Four helpings of venison stroganoff tonight. He’s eating like a champ.  We’re trying creative ways to keep Little Man distracted as he waits for dinner, from trips to the park (it’s unseasonably warm here!) to new canisters of play dough (which he tries to eat).  It’s almost working.

One response to “Snack time, farewell”

  1. G'Mom says:

    Poor pathetic wee boy. I'm glad we're not there – I'd have trouble refusing a face like that. But more power to you for doing so.

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