The 50/50 Yogurt Rule

February 27th, 2012

Despite admissions of feeding my kiddos snacks involving mini-marshmallows and M&Ms;, we really do try to take it easy on unnecessary sugar.  But one trouble spot is yogurt.

Both my kids love yogurt.  But only flavored yogurt, which is sort of like runny frosting.  All sorts of healthy mom blogs and articles in snooty magazines make grandiose claims about the yumminess of plain yogurt.  “Just add a dollop of honey and some fresh fruit.”


I would have to add an entire bee hive of honey to make plain yogurt palatable.

So we compromise by mixing plain and flavored yogurts together.  I strive for a 50/50 split.  Sometimes it works.  Sometimes the kids look at me like I’m crazy until I stir in more of the good stuff.  Compromise is at the heart of parenting.

4 responses to “The 50/50 Yogurt Rule”

  1. G'Mom says:

    I can so see Buggie's expression which so clearly says – why are you feeding me this terrible stuff? Don't you love me anymore?

  2. Isa says:

    ooo…such a good idea…Unfortunately I only eat yogurt at work at the moment (the greek kind–with candy fruit on the bottom! And now with candy granola on top! But it's 'healthy', right?) so I can't do a mix, but I will absolutely start to break this out when I'm at home. I already do half plain yogurt instead of mayo in almost everything…

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