The Random Stuff Living in the Loo

February 21st, 2012

My house sometimes drives me nuts.  Or rather, not my house, per se, but rather the random piles of junk which seem to populate every available horizontal surface when I’m not looking.  Like this:

That’s the toilet in the master bathroom.  Let’s examine the tableau arranged upon it.

Bathroom Cleaner — Not sure what it does.  That’s not really my scene.  But I know it doesn’t actually belong on the toilet tank.

BandAids: Box and Miscellaneous Sheet Thereof — Those belong in my first aid kit.  Which is in the linen cupboard.  But I got them out for something and didn’t put them away.  Are we sensing a theme yet?

Travel-Sized Body Wash — No idea where that came from.  We don’t travel and I don’t use body wash.

Bangle Bracelet — Once adorned my arms at my wedding.  Now a plaything for my daughter.  Does it belong on the toilet tank?  Unlikely.

Micky Mouse Magnet — Ditto.  Well, not the part about adorning me at the wedding.  But Miss Mouse is still the culprit in its current placement.

Toothpaste Box, Empty — Um, that’s just garbage.  Yikes.

Washcloth — Probably dirty.  Should be in the laundry hamper.  Has clearly escaped from said hamper through no fault of my own.

Mouthwash and Toothbrush – Hallelujah.  At last, two items which legitimately are permitted to reside in their current location.

I went through this embarrassing catalog of halfassedness (Sound it out.  I’ll wait.) to illustrate a point: general upkeep of the home isn’t my strong suit.  I’m a little bit lazy and have a lot on my plate.  And, apparently, on my toilet tank.

I’m trying to do better about addressing renegade items that appear in places they don’t belong.  You’ll be happy to know, I’m sure, that I cleaned off all that crap in the above picture after taking that picture.  Next, I need to tackle the black hole that is the sideboard in my kitchen, pictured below.


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