Valentine Swag Bag

February 14th, 2012

Buggie’s Valentine’s Day party at daycare was on Friday.  His teachers gave him an apple with a little note proclaiming him to be the apple of their eyes.  I thought it was cute then, but I appreciate it even more now as I gaze down upon the massive pile of high fructose corn syrup cascading out of the swag bag Miss Mouse came home with after her party today.

Good lord.

I have only vague memories of Valentine’s Day as a child, but I swear it didn’t involve tons of candy.  The candy holidays are Easter and Halloween, right?  Apparently not.  Miss Mouse sprang into the house this afternoon in a gleeful sugar rush, toting a giant bag of goodies, whose contents were as follows:

23 valentines
6 pieces of chocolate
9 lollipops
1 rice krispie treat
1 bag of skittles
1 package of starbursts
1 tube of bubbles
1 heart-shaped bracelet
1 valentine pencil and eraser combo
1 heart crayon

With two exceptions, the cards were all store-bought and plastered with some sort of cartoon character — Cars, Toy Story, Disney Princess, Hello Kitty, etc.  The exceptions were an awesome (really really awesome) heart-shaped crayon clearly made from melted bits of other crayons (must find instructions for this!) and a lovely hand-drawn card from Miss Mouse’s teacher.

I eyed the whole mess with trepidation and some disdain, but my daughter quickly set me straight.  She loved her valentines.  Every single one of them.  She carefully arranged them in front of her, then brought them over one by one to ask me who it was from.  We sounded the names out together and her eyes lit up as she proudly announced the names of all her friends.  “Ooooh!  This one is from Alex!  Ooooh!  This one has Buzz Lightyear!”  Shame on me for being snooty about the cartoon cards — their recipient adored them.  And I have a sneaking suspicion that my foam heart valentines probably were met with less enthusiasm.

I’m still not thrilled with the candy haul, but we’re doling it out sparingly.  I figure it’ll be gone just in time for Easter!

2 responses to “Valentine Swag Bag”

  1. Isa says:

    you just have selective memory–I definitely remember lining up my valentines and peeling off the candy–at least compared to halloween she's only getting one or two pieces per card, right?

  2. G'Mom says:

    Isa – maybe Dekalb was sweeter than Sycamore – I don't remember lots of candy from school either.

    Kate – you're forgetting one important factor with the valentines – Miss Mouse had a really fun time making them for her friends. Much more fun, I think, than simply assigning names to purchased cards.

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