Index Cards. Color-Coded.

March 23rd, 2012

Stack of color-coded note cards, some packing tape, and a permanent marker

I’m throwing myself into this whole relocation thing with enthusiasm.  It’s my first big moving experience.  When I moved to Pittsburgh, it was for grad school and felt like a glorified dorm move.  I moved to India, but only took two suitcases with me.  Josh and I moved across town, but we did it piecemeal, making many runs with a pickup truck.  We never bothered to box up most of our stuff.

This is different.  This is a Real Move.  With Actual Movers.  And Color-Coded Index Cards.

That last part is my idea.  I’ve decided it makes sense to color-code our boxes according to what floor they belong on, to make unloading and unpacking easier.  Yellow for upstairs.  Orange for downstairs.  Pink for the basement.  Green for “other” (like the church).

My husband thinks I’ve lost my marbles.

In fairness to him, his family moved every couple years as he was growing up (he’d lived in something like 12 houses by the age of 24) and they never once used color-coded index cards.

But for me, planning and prepping and accessorizing are the best ways to get excited about a new endeavor.  Going to plant a garden?  Buy new gloves, a new water bottle, and a funky new hat.  Going to join a zumba class?  You’ll need new shoes and a snazzy new workout ensemble.  Going to move to a new state?  Buy some brightly-colored index cards, a couple permanent markers, and a big role of packing tape.

5 responses to “Index Cards. Color-Coded.”

  1. Hey, Josh, this color-coding thing is a great idea! Kate, wish I’d thought of it twenty-some moves ago (and I mean big moves–entire household moves across the country and back again). The best thing I ever did was label each box in big letters. Colors are so much better.

    And more fun!

  2. G'Mom says:

    Not crazy at all! Grandpa did that when they moved to their George Allen house. But he went one step further – he put the appropriate index card on the door frame of the appropriate room so the movers could easily tell where each box belonged.

  3. Mandi says:

    Get ready to find spices in your upstairs bathroom…. Or silverware in Ellie’s room.

  4. Isa says:

    Oooo…good idea! The only problem I’d have is ending up with boxes that are half one thing and half another, but that’s pretty minor. Good luck with the packing!

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